Who are CEIU and PSAC?

The PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada) is the bargaining agent for the Program and Administrative (PA) services group. This means PSAC negotiates our collective agreement which outlines our rights in the workplace. The PSAC is also the umbrella union for our component, the Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU). CEIU handles our day-to- day union issues like first and second level grievances and labour/management meetings.

What does my local do?

The local is the first point of contact for members in the workplace. The local has stewards who can act as representatives for members in dealings with management or during grievances. The local has an Executive who manages the local’s finances, represents the local members at higher levels in the union, runs elections for senior leadership positions and ensures local bylaws are upheld.

How is the local Executive elected?

The local Executive is elected at general meetings of the local membership. General meetings are held twice a year with elections generally happening during one of the meetings. All members in good standing in the local are allowed to vote.

How much are they paid?

Local Executive members aren’t paid. They volunteer their time to work for the local because they want to help other members, expand their skills and knowledge and they believe in the principles of unionism.

Where do my dues go? What do they get me?

Member dues are divided among various recipients. The PSAC receives a portion of members’ dues. The PSAC uses our money for a variety of activities such as: paying professional negotiators to negotiate our collective agreement, launching legal challenges of harmful legislation and representing members during grievance hearings.

CEIU also receives a portion of members’ dues. CEIU uses the money to….?

Lastly, the local receives dues money from each member. The local uses the money to maintain a strike fund and to fund the day-to-day activities of the local such as organizing general member meetings.

Who do I contact if I’ve got a problem?

You can contact a steward in your office or any member of your local Executive. Here is the contact information for representatives in your office: