IRB Members – next steps

After holding lunch time meetings at both the Queen’s Plate and Downtown IRB locations, an overwhelming majority of members that attended those events and those that made their opinion known via email support leaving 613 for a Local that represents all of the IRB members at those two locations. For those that did not attend […]

ESDC email re: Phoenix

ESDC employees received an update from Public Works (operators of Phoenix) regarding tax time and Phoenix.  Personally I haven’t received this information from my management, so I’m assuming that no one else has either.   The links are meant for the intranet, so you’ll have to look at them at work or through Secure Remote […]

Useful Links for Phoenix Issues

Compiled here are some links that we thought would be useful if you are having/think you will be having issues with the Phoenix pay system. Frequently asked questions (a good place to start if you’re having trouble) Pay issues could lead to income tax issues.  The Canada Revenue Agency has a dedicated info for government employees […]

Office Moves

A number of offices are set to move over the next few years.  Here is what has been learned at recent meetings between the Local and management at each office (these meetings are called LUMCCs or LMCCs). Citizenship – What we know so far is the Citizenship at St. Clair will be co-located with Citizenship from […]

Phoenix Pay Centre

Many members continue to be affected by the pay centre.  If you are affected the best way to try to sort out the mess is to: Phone the pay centre and get a case number and try to resolve your issue Make your manager aware of the issue you are having and see if they […]

Grieving due to missed pay

If you find yourself in a position where both of these things are true: the employer has not paid you when they were supposed to you have incurred damages because you were not paid on time Then you can consider filing a grievance.  Contact the Local or the CEIU Regional Office if are interested, we […]