CEIU Local No. 613


Update November 30, 2017


Local No. 613 is part of the Canadian Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU), which in turn is a component union of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC).

Local No. 613 has adopted these bylaws in addition to the By-Laws and Regulations adopted by CEIU and PSAC. In particular, CEIU Local Rules (Appendix A of CEIU By-Laws) govern the majority of activities of our Local and take precedence over these bylaws in cases of contradiction.


1 – Objectives


It shall be the objective of this Local to protect, maintain and promote the rights of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Immigration Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) employees under its jurisdiction.


The Local will work to promote union identity and participation, inform members of union activities, and identify areas for union action.

2 – Membership


Those eligible for membership shall be employees of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada or the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in the jurisdiction of the Local who are eligible for membership in the CEIU Component of the PSAC.


Members who become suspended or whose employment was terminated will report it immediately to a Local representative.


All members are requested to notify both the PSAC and Local of a change of address or of contact information.


All members of this Local are encouraged to attend General Meetings as well as any Special Meetings and to become active in the affairs of the Local.

2.5 – Conflict of Interest

Any member of this Local Executive or any steward who, in the course of their duties, finds themselves in a conflict of interest regarding any member of this local shall recuse himself or herself from the matter-at-hand and inform the Local Executive of such.  The Local Executive shall find an appropriate representative to take over the recused steward’s responsibilities.

3 – General Meetings

3.1 – Quorum

Quorum for General Meetings or Special Meetings shall be 20 members, including 50% of the Local Executive.

3.2 – Child and dependent care

Members are welcome to bring their dependents to General or Special Meetings.  However, if this is not practical and home care is necessary, any member in good standing may be reimbursed for home care expenses incurred as a result of the member’s attendance at a duly called meeting of Local 613. Such reimbursement shall be conditional on the following:

  1. The dependent must be of such an age or condition that the necessity for care is reasonable. Proof of age or condition may be required at the discretion of the Local Executive.
  2. The hourly amount claimed shall be consistent with the community standard. This rate may be determined from time to time by the Local Executive in consultation with agencies, which provide babysitting courses or home care in the community.
  3. The number of hours claimed shall not exceed the time of the meeting plus a maximum of two hours before and after to allow for traveling.
  4. The statement of claim shall follow the same procedures as the Treasurer uses for an application for reimbursement from Local funds.


While the exact dollar amount does not need to be specified, the member shall inform the Local Executive prior to the meeting that they will require reimbursement of care expenses or other accommodation expenses.

4 – Local Executive


The Local Executive of Local 613 shall consist of a President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a VP-Point of Service for each separate office within each management area covered by the Local. The Vice-president or Secretary positions can be combined with the Treasurer if there are not enough candidates for election.

4.2 – VP Points of Service

The VP-Points of Service shall be the chief steward for their management areas, will be the main point of contact for members in that management area and are a voting member of the Local Executive.  The members that they are responsible for will be defined by the LUMCC or LMCC on which the member sits. Other responsibilities are calling of steward meetings, maintaining an up to date record of stewards and their areas of responsibility, assisting stewards in the grievance procedure, keeping the Local Executive informed on all matters pertaining to the stewards’ activities in written format and running elections for the local as necessary.   Should a VP Point of Service find their substantive position transferred to another location, they vacate the VP Point of Service position for their former work location.

4.3 – Quorum for Meetings of the Local Executive

A quorum of the Local Executive shall be 50% of the Executive.

4.4 – Committees

The Local Executive can appoint interested members to lead or participate in committees doing work on behalf of the Local.

4.5 – Strike Coordinator

The Local Executive can appoint an interested member in good standing to be Strike Coordinator.

5 – Stewards


Any member in good standing interested in being a steward can stand for appointment at any time by contacting the Local Executive.  After appointment, steward training is required.

5.2 – Responsibilities of a Steward

a) To encourage and develop membership participation in the union.

b) To discuss workplace and union issues with members.

c)  To facilitate communication between the union and the membership.

d) To investigate member concerns and assist with grievance filing when necessary.

e) To represent members, speaking and acting on their behalf, including in the grievance process.

d) To report to the VP Point of Service in their LUMCC any: activities done in the name of the Local and concerns of members of the union.

6 – Finances


The Local Executive will put aside at minimum 20% of annual revenues into the strike fund but should endeavour to put more.


Expenses to be paid by the Local must be authorized in advance:

  1. a) For expenses under $2,500 per member per function approval may be given by any two of the President, the Vice-President, or the Treasurer of the local.
  2. b) For expenses in excess of $2,500 per member per function approval must be given by a majority of members present at a General or Special Meeting.

6.3 – Donations to Member Events

The Local Executive can accept requests for donations for celebratory events for members and their families.  Donations of up to $250 can be made per event.  Application should be made at least 4 weeks prior to the event and a maximum of $2500 of this type of donation can be made per fiscal year.  Approval of such donations will take into consideration:

  1. a) The nature of the event
  2. b) Benefit to the members
  3. c) Number of members involved in the event.

Members should not assume that their event will be funded annually. They need to apply every year.  Receipts are not required for this type of donation though the approval of the donation needs to be recorded in the Local Executive’s meeting minutes and the Treasurer is required to keep such records that an audit can clearly see what event the donation was put towards

6.4 – Member Facing Extenuating Circumstances

Members facing extenuating circumstances such as injury or family emergency or loss of home can apply to the Local Executive for up to $500 of financial relief.   Photo copies of receipts for the financial relief will be required. Member privacy will be respected but the Local Executive will need the basic details of the issue in order to vote on the request and for record keeping.

6.5 – Onetime Donations

The Local President and Vice President are permitted to make donations to other CEIU Locals and their members of up to $200 to support specific Union actions or to support a individual member in dire need.  Donations of this sort are capped at a maximum of $2000 per year unless Local 613 members vote otherwise at a General Meeting that has achieved quorum.  Receipts are not required but the Treasurer is required to keep such records that an audit can clearly see what the donation was put towards.

6.6 – Accepting Onetime Donations

Local 613 can accept donations on behalf of a Local 613 member facing extenuating circumstances.  Donated money can be made out to Local 613 and the Treasurer can cut a cheque to the member in need.  If, for whatever reason, donated money cannot be given to the member facing extenuating circumstances, the money must be returned to the Local or individual who made the donation.  If this is not possible, the money will be donated to a charity of the Local Executive’s choosing.

6.7 – Annual Donations

The Local Executive can donate a combined total of $500 per year to registered Canadian not-for-profit organizations and registered Canadian charities on behalf of Local 613 or on behalf of a deceased member or former member.

7 – Conventions and Conferences

7.1 – Selecting Delegates

Delegates, Alternates and Observers from the Local for conventions and conferences will be chosen by the Local Executive through an application process available to all members in good standing.   The Local Executive will endeavour to offer opportunities to participate in conventions and conferences to a wide selection of members.


Choices for Delegates, Alternates and Observers will be communicated promptly to the membership after appointment.

7.3 – Delegate and Observer responsibilities

Delegates and Observers will be expected to report their activities and observations back to the Local in written form or in person at a General or Special Meeting.

8 – Elections


Where deemed practical, the President, Vice President, Treasurer, (or Vice-President/Treasurer), Secretary and VP-Points of Service shall be elected in that order of positions.


In order to ensure consistency, stability and knowledge transfer, elections will be held in alternating years as follows:

  • In even years, elections will be held for the President and Secretary positions.
  • In odd years, elections will be held for the positions of Vice President and Treasurer (or the position of Vice President-Treasurer).
  • VP-Points of Service shall stand for election every year.

8.3 – Vacancies

a) If a position is vacant, an election must be held at the following General Meeting.

b) If a position remains vacant following a General Meeting of the membership or becomes vacant between General Meetings, the Local Executive will appoint a member to assume the duties of the vacant position until such time as a candidate is nominated and elections are held.


The Local Executive has no obligation to ensure voting by all members but is required to take reasonable steps to ensure that each member has the opportunity to vote.

9 – Compensation

While the Local rules specify that members have a responsibility to participate in the activities of this Local, it is recognized that, for many reasons, many members do not so participate. To ensure that there are no financial disincentives to member participation, and to recognize the cost incurred or additional time and effort incurred by active members, the following honoraria or expenses will be paid:

9.1 – General Meetings

No leave without pay will be paid.  Wherever, possible, General Meetings will be held in a centrally accessible location, and will be scheduled so as to respect members’ time and effort in attending.

9.2 – Other Meetings, Local business, Training Sessions, Conferences and/or Conventions

Any monies received from sponsoring body must be deducted from total amount claimed through the local.

9.3 – Wage Loss

The Local will reimburse members for loss of wages during the performance of duties with the Union.  Such reimbursement will be conditional upon documentation that the member is on Leave Without Pay from the employer.

9.4 – Days of Rest

When there is no loss of wages (i.e. AWA day, annual leave, weekends, evenings) the Local will provide a $100.00 per diem.   No additional meal allowance will be provided.

9.5 – Registration Fees

Application must be made to the Local Executive for registration fees to be paid by the local.

9.6 – Travel

Application must be made to the Local Executive to pay travel expenses. The most economic mode of transportation will be reimbursed no matter which type of transportation is taken.  If travelling by vehicle is the most economical, the rate used by CEIU National will be applied.

9.7 – Accommodation

Application must be made to the Local Executive to pay accommodation expenses.

9.8 – Meal Allowance

Application must be made to the Local Executive to pay meal allowance.  For regular week days (Monday to Friday), whether travelling on behalf of, and/or while conducting the business of the Local, members shall be paid a meal allowance as per CEIU National rates.

For week-end days (Saturday and Sunday), members can apply to receive a per diem as in “Days of Rest” above.

9.9 – Parking

The local will provide re-imbursement of reasonable parking expenses. Parking receipts are required.

9.10 – Accommodation of Special Needs

A member shall inform the Local Executive at their earliest convenience what they require to have their special needs met and the Local Executive shall endeavour to make reasonable accommodation for Local events.


The Local Executive will attach the current rates as an addendum.