Letter to National Executive

At the November General Meeting, members discussed what they wanted to tell the National Executive of CEIU about how to deal with Phoenix.  After the meeting, a few of us drafted a letter with the points made and I’ve emailed it to the National Executive.  I will add their response when I get it.

Here is our message:

Dear Brother Bourque and Sister Warner,
I’m writing to you today on behalf of the 400+ members of CEIU Local 613. At our general meeting on November 30 2017, the membership discussed what they wanted to see from the union (PSAC or CEIU) in regards to action on Phoenix.  The following are the actions membership want the Unions to concentrate on:
1. Pressure IRCC, ESDC and the IRB to reinstate Compensation Advisors within the departments. Members need to be able to speak to someone who can actually work on their file and take action without delay on pay issues that arise.
2. Pressure the employer to abandon the Phoenix system altogether rather than wasting more time and resources trying to fix it.
3. Pursue punitive damages for all employees affected by the Phoenix pay system.
4. Organize more collective action outside of the NCR
5. Increase the visibility to the general public of how Phoenix is affecting members by conducting more media outreach and bombarding the employer with personal stories about members affected by Phoenix.
Thank you for your time,
Ian Lewis
President CEIU Local 613