Summary of General Meeting

On June 27, 2017, CEIU Local 613 held a successful general meeting.  There was delicious food, fun prizes, elections, and finances.

The elections results:

Vice President: Shannon Spink

Tresurer: Mark Ignatiev

Scarborough POS: Lorenza St. Martin

Integration POS: Wendy Tennant

Downtown IRB (by appointment): Caroline Ojalammi

Currently empty:  R&I*, Citizenship St. Clair, Rexdale IRB, BRO T, and Etobicoke

Not up for election: Ian Lewis (President), Jessie Reis-Huggins (Secretary)

*with apologies to Bridgette Sullivan, who was nominated without consent.  She is willing to be a steward and to help people with any labour issues they may be facing, but is not going to join the executive at this time.

With the empty seats, the executive can appoint people from those offices.  If you are from one of those offices and interested in being on the executive, please contact us.

Thank you to past executive members Karma Burkhar, Donalda Sousa, and Sarah Chung.  Your work is appreciated!

The 2016 Local finances were presented by Treasurer Mark Ignatiev and were passed by the membership.

The membership then talked about a number of topics including the office moves from St. Clair to Etobicoke or Scarborough, and the possible restructuring if the IRB members of Local 613 choose to leave for a different Local.  The next General Meeting will be almost exclusively about that (note: all members are encouraged to attend and vote on the future of this Local).