IRB Members – next steps

After holding lunch time meetings at both the Queen’s Plate and Downtown IRB locations, an overwhelming majority of members that attended those events and those that made their opinion known via email support leaving 613 for a Local that represents all of the IRB members at those two locations.

For those that did not attend those meetings, this is the general idea of what was covered:

  1. CEIU Local 613 is made up of employees of IRCC and IRB
  2. In the two IRB offices, there is another CEIU Local that represents the same types of IRB members that 613 covers (CEIU Local 645)
  3. It makes sense to have one local represent IRCC members and the IRB members be represented by a single unified local (whether a brand new local, or a merge with the already existing CEIU Local 645.
  4. If IRB members from 613 were to leave for another Local, a proportion of the funds in Local 613’s bank account would follow them to their new local.
  5. Membership dues at each Local are currently the same.
  6. There was interest from those at the meetings to create a new Local with members from Local 645 instead of merging with Local 645.  Either way, members from 645 would need to agree to the plan for this to work.
  7. If such a merge were to happen, each Local would end up around the same size (approximately 300 people).

So what’s next?

  1. Local 613 is having a General Meeting on June 27 where elections will happen, but more importantly for this process, where finances will be brought up to date.
  2. Once the finances are filed and processed, another General Meeting will be held in the Fall that will:
    • Present the financial estimates of how much money would leave/stay if IRB members were to leave 613 and how much Local 645 currently has
    • Be an open forum to ask questions/make arguments for or against
    • Hold a referendum that will decide whether IRB members will leave or stay.
  3. For the referendum to result in members leaving 613, a 2/3rds majority of those voting must vote for leaving and the number of people voting must be robust (in other words, we need a lot of people to show up to vote)
  4. If members vote to leave 613, Local 645 members would also have to vote to leave for a new Local or to allow the new members to merge into 645.  They would have their own General Meeting to vote.
  5. Then it would go to CEIU National, where they would approve/disapprove the result.

A couple of notes:

  • All members, whether IRCC or IRB, would get to vote in the referendum.  IRCC members get to vote because the referendum effects them as well (structure of the Local changes, strike fund depletes)
  • The Fall general meeting would actually be two meetings held concurrently.  One meeting would be near the downtown IRB office, the other near the Queen’s Plate/Rexdale offices.  The meetings would be connected by conference call so everyone would be getting the information at the same time.
  • Meetings would likely be held after work and food would be supplied.  Suggestions as to where the meetings can be held are welcome.
  • Neutral third parties (CEIU NVPs, CEIU staff) would be utilized as witnesses and referendum officials.

If you have any comments, questions, or issues, please email us at .  Please bring up any issues early in the process.  It would be difficult to change any of this at the last minute, so early awareness will be essential in fixing any problems..