Candidate for NVP Women’s Issues – Christine Walker

A message from Christine Walker, candidate for NVP Women’s Issues:

To better respond to the concerns of all members, there is yet an unfulfilled role on all National Committees of the employer and the Union to promote policies and procedures relating to all women that work for various departments within our component. The recently adopted structure seeks to strengthen the role of the two women NVP’s representing Eastern and Western CEIU.

Since 2002, I have consistently held leadership positions at the regional and national levels of CEIU and have excellent knowledge of the structure of our union and how we can work to further our goals within the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

Having been an Appointed Deputy Trustee since March 2016, I am cognizant of, and proposed, the new vision to secure representation from each region working within the newly formed National Women’s Committee. I see this as making us a more inclusive and engaged union.

I am open-minded and honest; I will create awareness while respecting equity. You have an unprecedented opportunity to cast your VOTE to energize CEIU for the 2017 to 2020 term of elected National Executive. Please elect me to carry your vision forward into the future.

Christine Walker