Candidate for HRRR NVP – Sebastian Rodrigues

A message from Sebastian Rodrigues, candidate for HRRR NVP:

My name is Sebastian Rodrigues and I am looking for your support to be re-elected as National Vice President for Human Rights.

I have been involved with the Union for the last 12 years, initially joining as a steward and quickly accepting an elected position of Treasurer and 1st VP of my Local, additionally holding positions on the Ontario Racially Visible Committee.

Since February 2012 I held a position in CEIU as NVP.  CEIU was placed in Trusteeship in February 2016 and on March 3rd 2016, I was appointed as Deputy Trustee for Human Rights and Deputy Trustee for the Ontario Region in which capacity I have been serving CEIU members to date.

As National Vice President for Human Rights I am looking for your support to be re-elected and I assure you that I will continue to be your voice at:

  • CEIU National Executive
  • CEIU National-Human Rights Race Relations Committee
  • Human Resources Union Management Consultation Committee.
  • PSAC Human Rights Committee

At these meetings I have advocated concerns raised by my members at the Regional and National levels, such as:

  • consistently incorporating Aboriginal issues on the employer’s agenda. For example, to eradicate the shortfall of Aboriginal employees in the management category.
  • Working with the ESDC Diversity Champion to assist members with visible and invisible disabilities, specifically from the training, development and the recruitment process. Also recognizing the members’ genuine concern on mental health.
  • continuing to address the concerns related to the members of the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender persons) community at CEIU National. For example,transgender members concerns such as a gender neutral washroom, when attending union events.
  • recognizing the constant struggles faced by racially visible members in our organization at entry levels positions.  Advocating with the employer to ensure that a member of the equity group sits on all future boards.


Sebastian Rodrigues