Candidate for NVP Women’s Issues (Western) – Lynda MacLellan

Message from Lynda MacLellan, candidate for NVP Women’s Issues:

I am running for CEIU NVP for Women’s Issues- Western Region!

As a dedicated women’s activist, I strongly believe that we need to promote and protect our hard won rights; that all women, everywhere, be treated with dignity and respect. I will work tirelessly to place women’s issues at the forefront of our union’s agenda.

I currently hold elected positions on various women’s committees, through this I have organized, mobilized and engaged the membership over the past few years. For those of you who know me you are aware that I am extremely active in using all forms of communication, be it social media, email or one on one conversations. For those who do not know me, rest assured, I believe communication is an absolute necessity and at all times will keep our membership fully informed.

I have completed a wide variety of union and labour education. I hold various executive positions which have deepened my understanding of issues, strengthened my resolve and has provided me the tools required to be the strong advocate and leader for CEIU women, and for our membership as a whole.

We need experienced, dedicated activists who have the necessary education and training, and who have access to wide ranging networks which helps create tangible change for our members. I am an activist who has and will continue to affect change in our workplaces and union. I have been actively challenging our employer and have achieved strong results. Some of these achievements were as a result of chairing my local Labour Union Management Consultation Committee (LUMCC) for which I am the President of over 400 members.

As we move forward and rebuild a cohesive and unified CEIU, it is imperative to have strong, engaged leaders. I have a proven track record and I ask for your support to continue this work as your NVP for Women’s issues- Western Region.

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Also I am the creator and actively maintain this page as well as an extensive email list