Ontario NVP Candidate: Dina Reyes

A message from Ontario NVP candidate Dina Reyes:

I am proud and happy to share that I have been nominated as one of the candidates for CEIU Regional NVP for Ontario.

Over the last 14 years I have represented local 592- Kitchener. I have worked tirelessly to ensure that the unique needs and challenges faced by our diverse membership were met at all levels. This includes advocating rural versus urban needs of CSO front end members. I also represent members in what was formally CIC and now called the IRCC. My membership covers a variety of business lines such as integrity, programs and Employment Insurance processing, Front end SCC and IRCC.  In addition to the diverse membership I also cover a large geographical area from Kitchener to as far north as Collingwood, with a total of 10 locations. This has given me the unique ability and experience of working on a wide variety of union related issues for many different business lines, which I can bring to this role as Ontario NVP.

I have been consistently committed to and dedicating myself to working to resolve the needs of my union membership.  More importantly, I always strive and have consistently been able to help resolve issues proactively.

I have solid interpersonal and communication skills which have allowed me to develop productive working relationships with members and management. Due to my long history of union activism, I have commanded the respect of my peers but also, the managers, directors and senior directors.

In addition to my local union responsibilities I also have had extensive experience working within our union component CEIU. An example my commitment to CEIU Ontario and change was my role with the RVAC (Racially Visible Action Committee), which I had managed to promote and the creation of the committee’s mandate and initiatives among Ontario Region members.  I was a key member in developing the first pamphlet, logo and newsletters. I have been an active member in a variety of equity groups such as Differently Able committee and a core member in the creation of the equity conference in Ontario Region as well representing Ontario Region on several occasions at the National Resolutions Committee

My ability to work in a team environment and in a variety of committees is the change we require in the new direction that CEIU is taking.

I have a proven history of advocating for union rights and ALWAYS SPEAKING loud and clear when defending our rights.

I invite you to join the movement on Election Day and ask me any questions about why I am the best fit for the role. You can contact me at: ddcmreyes@msn.com