Ontario NVP Candidate: Brad Stoodley

A message from Ontario NVP candidate Brad Stoodley:

As we move into a new era for CEIU, this is a critical time for our union, and for our region. This is a time for change and growth, communication and learning. It’s a time to build, not just for the future but for the here and now. I have had an opportunity to serve our union as a current member of the Ontario Regional Council, as a former member of the Ontario Health Safety and Security committee, and as a Local President for 8 years.
Please know that I will work day and night to defend your rights both at work and within the union. I will ensure that all locals, regardless or their geography or size, regardless of whether they are IRB, IRCC or ESDC, have a voice and are represented.

I believe in engaging our membership. An engaged union is an unstoppable force. We can accomplish this through better communication and education for members and leadership.
The Ontario region requires strong leadership – leadership of two NVP’s working together in solidarity for all members. I look forward to working collaboratively with my counterpart, the locals in all of Ontario, the staff in the regional union office, the members of the next National Executive, the Ontario Council, and all members of our region and union, as we pay forward a better CEIU.

Ontario Regional Council Eastern
District Representative
Local 621 Local President
CEIU Ontario Health Safety and
Security Committee member
JLP Facilitator
Various PSAC and CEIU training
Co-Chair of local health and
safety committees
Member of the Ontario Regional
Health and Safety Committee

Questions? Feel free to contact me at: bradstoodley@gmail.com