IRCC NVP Candidate: Antoine Moise

A message from Antoine Moise, who is running for NVP IRCC:

From the very first day of my involvement with the Union, my main drive is and will always be the defense of the workers’ RIGHTS, as defined and specified in the various books that govern our activities and involvements.


My personal commitment to you is that I will be working closely with you, the Local presidents, more than never before, and be the voice and face of the members at the Executive table. My commitment to our members could be defined around four axes:

–       Our members rights to be properly and fully informed, with respect to the Local Bylaws and Executives decisions

–       Our members rights to participate in union activities and events, with the negotiation of a new MOU with IRCC Senior officials

–       Our members rights to a fair representation, based on the Terms and Conditions of employment protected by the Collective Agreement

–       Defense of all human rights, imprescriptible and inalienable


I came from Community organizations, where decisions are made by consensus during a collegial process. That’s the functioning way I better understand and it will be the way I fulfill my mandate if elected. Inclusiveness will be my method.

I feed on my environment to give more sense to my Union involvement.

Who Am I?

So, to give you a little idea of myself, here is a summary of my public commitments: I am actively involved in defending the right to decent housing. I am involved in organizations that helps immigrants find job for a better integration in the Canadian society; that promotes cultural diversity; that defends solidarity with mining workers in other countries; and that works on reducing mental health. I am a member of ecological movements.

I will bring to the VPN for IRCC position my experience and skills of mobilization, clear definition of specific objectives and how to reach them or get them done.

I am bilingual and centrally located, with my residence at the National Capital Region.


Thanks for your vote of solidarity,