Elections for NVP

Elections will be held at your office between March 6 and 16 to elect people to the national executive of CEIU (our component).  Our offices will have the opportunity to vote for:

  • 2 NVPs for Ontario Region
  • 1 NVP for Women’s Issues
  • 1 NVP for IRCC (IRCC offices only)
  • 1 NVP for IRB (IRB offices only)
  • 1 NVP for Human Rights and Race Relations (members from the 4 equity groups)

Results will be announced by March 29, 2017.  We will update this page as more information becomes available (such as candidate bios and specific dates for different offices).


Elections for National President, Vice President, and Alternate Vice President were held at the CEIU Triennial Convention held February 6-9 2017.  The delegates there elected:

  • Eddy Bourque for President
  • Crystal Warner for Vice President
  • Fabienne Jean-Francois for Alternate Vice President

Eddy and Crystal will be relocating to Ottawa to work on CEIU issues full time.

Running for Ontario Region NVP are:

Running for IRB NVP:

Running for IRCC NVP

Running for Women’s Issues NVP West:

Running for NVP Human Rights and Race Relations: