General Meeting Summary

A fun and productive General Meeting was held last night.  A good mix of people from the Etobicoke IRCC office, St. Clair IRCC, and downtown IRB came and enjoyed good food, won some prizes, and got the business of the Local taken care of.  Here is a summary for those that weren’t able to make it.  For those that went, feel free to chime in in the comments the things you feel I missed.

  • Local Bylaw 4.1 was updated to reflect that we need representation on the Executive from each office rather than each LUMCC (or LMCC in the IRBs case)
  • No one stood for election for the empty Executive positions at Queen’s Plate IRB, PRRA and St. Clair Citizenship
  • Mark (Treasurer) presented the Local’s 2015 finances (the Local is in very good shape financially).  Financial documents were passed by the membership.
  • An update was given on negotiations for a collective agreement.  The information discussed can be found here (gains and goals) and here (Treasury Board and PSAC have agreed to mediation).  Remember that you can always go to the PSAC website to find updates on bargaining.
  • A discussion was held about Phoenix.  It would be difficult to accurately summarize the discussion but there is one important point members should know: if you’re facing big problems with Phoenix, grieve it.  This is not necessarily the advice that we have followed so far, but at the meeting we learned that many other components have been successful at getting cases solved when they grieve.  It seems to speed up the process.  If you want to grieve, please contact your Local representative.  Find out what PSAC is doing about Phoenix here.
  • There was also a robust discussion around strike pay if there needed to be a strike (FYI, there is no indication that we will be striking in the near future).  A series of scenarios were presented and discussed and there was no consensus built.  It was decided that the membership should be widely surveyed to see if the majority of members wanted a conservative approach or “a spend it all” approach.  NOTE: someone sent me this after the meeting.  It has lots of information about being on strike if you’re interested.
  • The group talked about getting active politically, which is really simple:
  1. Contact your MP by phone, email, letter or in person
  2. Give a simple message: I live in your riding and am a federal worker
  3. Tell them what you want: I want Phoenix fixed and my sick time left alone plus….(insert any other issues you care about here)

No need to threaten to vote for someone else or anything, just present your issues and see what they say.  If you have personally effected by Phoenix, this is a great time to tell your story.  A follow up phone call is a great way to pressure the MP to fight on our side.   The more of us that do this, the better off we’ll all be.

  • A brief note was given about emails and letters that you may be receiving from PSAC regarding voting on a new structure.  Find more information here.

Thank you to all that came out and special thank you to Shannon, Wendy, and Ryan from Integration who took care of the food and prizes.