Call for Resolutions – CEIU National Conference

The 2017 CEIU National Convention is approaching and will be followed in 2018 by the PSAC Triennial Convention.   Matters dealt with by these two conventions are in the form of resolutions which are either adopted or rejected by the accredited delegates attending these conventions.

The CEIU National Convention deals with resolutions submitted by Locals and all official national, regional or district meetings of members, such as regional council meetings or conferences, as well as from any CEIU national conference.  In addition, the Deputy Trustees in their capacity of advisory committee to the Trustee may submit resolutions.

Any Local in good standing has the right to submit resolutions to Convention (Local 613 is in good standing).  Locals under trusteeship or Locals that have had their Charters revoked are excluded from submitting resolutions to Convention.

Individual members cannot directly submit resolutions to Convention.  If you have a resolution, please submit it to by November 10th, 2016 (update: resolutions concerning finances and bylaws have had their deadline extended.  Please send them to the Executive by December 15).  This will give the executive time to sort through them before submitting.



Any accredited delegate at Convention (Local 613 delegates are listed here) has the right to submit an emergency or late resolution to Convention.  However, it must be a matter of urgent concern to the welfare of the members and one which was not capable of prior submission through the normal channels.  The resolution must be duly seconded by another accredited delegate and it must be acceptable by either the Chair or by a majority of the accredited delegates present at Convention.

Any emergency or late resolutions will be considered only after business listed on the Convention Agenda has been dealt with, unless the accredited delegates vote to amend the agenda.

What range of issues or concerns can be submitted as a resolution?

The range of issues which can be addressed by resolutions is almost as broad as the collective imagination of the Union’s membership.  While the resolutions must be limited to actions which the Union (CEIU and/or PSAC) can undertake, they can, and often do, deal with issues as specific as changes to the CEIU By-Laws or the PSAC Constitution and as broad as governmental economic and social policy.

However, in order to be debated at Convention, all issues or concerns must be submitted in the form of a resolution

How to write a resolution?

While the subject area for resolutions can be very broad, members should keep certain parameters in mind when they are preparing resolutions.  For example:

(a)          Consequence of your resolution:

Remember that the Union is bound by any resolution that Convention will adopt until it is changed by action of another Convention.

(b)          The resolution must propose that the Union do something, or adopt some policy or course of action:

Any resolutions requiring that something be done by the Government of Canada or any of the Employers (ESDC/Service Canada, IRB, IRCC or Tribunal) that CEIU members work for, will be rejected, regardless of their relevance to the membership.

However, if those same resolutions instruct CEIU or PSAC to take whatever action is necessary to encourage the government or the employer to do something, then such resolutions are acceptable.

(c)           The resolution must be written in a certain format:

Resolutions generally consist of two parts: The first part begins with the Whereas which identifies the problem and which describes the reasons why the issue is considered to be a problem.

The second part of the resolution is the Be it resolved which identifies the course of action which CEIU or PSAC must adopt in order to address the problem.

Keep your resolution simple.  Long and complicated resolutions are often split at Convention, and each proposed course of action or policy is voted upon separately.  In many instances, it is easier to submit two or three simple resolutions, rather than one complicated one.

How to submit resolution(s)?

Resolutions must be typed in a WORD or RTF (rich text format) on the appropriate Resolution Form (ask the executive for a copy or see next sentence).   If needed, the Resolution Form can also be downloaded from the CEIU website at .

In order to avoid submitting a resolution that has been adopted in the past and which is a matter of record, you will find the 2014 CEIU Resolutions of Record booklet on the CEIU website (it will be posted soon).  You may, however, submit a resolution wanting further action on a particular resolution which is already a matter of record.

Please let CEIU know if you require a paper version of the Resolutions of Record and they will mail it to you.

So, in summary, if members have a specific concern which they want the Convention to address, they should:

  • Put it in the form of a resolution, i.e.:  Whereas… and Be It Resolved…
  • Type the resolution on the appropriate resolution form in a Word or RTF (rich text format.
  • Ensure the resolution form is submitted to the Local 613 Executive by November 10, 2016.