Feedback needed for new CEIU governance structure

The Deputy Trustees are seeking your feedback on the proposed new structure presented below.   Your comments and observations would be used at the October meeting of the Deputy Trustees where a final decision will be made on the structure that will be proposed for a vote at Local meetings in October and November.

Please send your comments, no later than end of day Monday October 3, 2016 to the attention of Sue Courchaine ( and Theresa MacInnis ( ). Sister MacInnis was chosen by the Deputy Trustees as the Deputy Trustee responsible for national issues.

Please copy the Deputy Trustees in your region.

Information on the proposal or answers to your questions regarding the proposal or the vote can be obtained by contacting your Deputy Trustees and the CEIU national office.  Thank you for taking the time to take part in this preparatory consultation process. Your input is important and very much appreciated.

Background Information

CEIU Deputy Trustees have been meeting twice a month with the common goal of moving the component out of trusteeship as quickly as feasibly possible. The CEIU convention has been scheduled for February 6-9, 2017 in Ottawa and Local 613 is sending at least two delegates (Sarah Chung and Ian Lewis).

The Deputy Trustees have also reviewed the governance structure of the component in great detail and are proposing some changes for consideration by CEIU members. Ideally a new structure would contribute to the cohesiveness and effectiveness of CEIU’s national body, to greater involvement at the Local level, and to clearer responsibilities for National Vice-Presidents.

The proposal is to reduce the number of NVPs without weakening the Component’s ability to address issues that have always been important to its members: effective representation before each department where CEIU members work; taking a leading role on matters of Human Rights and on Women’s equality; and, providing effective support to locals from the national office and most importantly from the regions.

Several structures were considered. At their July 7-8 face-to-face meeting, Deputy Trustees decided on a proposal to put to CEIU members for a vote. The Deputy Trustees mandated a small committee of Deputy Trustees to review the CEIU By-Laws and identify the changes that would be required if the proposed structure were accepted by CEIU members. These proposed changes to the By-Laws were reviewed by the entire group of Deputy Trustees at their July face-to-face meeting, and then again at their August meeting.

Information regarding CEIU National Executive elections will be provided shortly. Suffice it to say at this time that the call for nominations can only go out to members after CEIU members have decided on the national governance structure, i.e. on which positions make up the National Executive. The objective is to complete the vote on the structure by the end of November in order to begin the nomination period on December 5, 2016.

The Deputy Trustees will meet October 7-9, 2016 and will be reviewing feedback provided by CEIU locals on the new governance structure being proposed.

Votes will be organized by Deputy Trustees in each region with their Locals between October 12 and November 23, 2016 to provide members the opportunity to vote on the proposal.

The Proposal

Below is the proposed new structure compared to the structure that existed when CEIU was placed under trusteeship.


1 National President

1 National Executive Vice-President

1 NVP for IRCC Members

1 NVP for IRB Members

1 NVP for Human Rights

1 NVP for Women **

1 NVP for Newfoundland/Labrador and Nova Scotia

1 NVP for Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick

2 NVPs for Québec

2 NVPs for Ontario

1 NVP for the National Capital Region

1 NVP for Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Nunavut

1 NVP for Alberta/Northwest Territories

1 NVP for British Columbia/Yukon



1 National President

1 National Executive Vice-President

1 NVP for IRCC Members

1 NVP for IRB Members

1 NVP for Human Rights

4 NVP for Women **

1 NVP for Newfoundland/Labrador

1 NVP Nova Scotia

1 NVP for Prince Edward Island

1 NVP for New Brunswick

3 NVPs for Québec

3 NVPs for Ontario

1 NVP for the National Capital Region

1 NVP for Manitoba

1 NVP for Saskatchewan

1 NVP for Alberta/Northwest Territories/Nunavut

1 NVP for British Columbia/Yukon

* The proposed structure takes into consideration geography, the number of members and the number of locals, departments, Human Rights representation and the representation of women. Further to a fulsome discussion, it was decided that a National Executive of 16 rather than 24 members could be effective at the national level and in the regions if it were to take on the configuration that is being proposed.

** It is important to note that the Deputy Trustees have begun discussing ways to strengthen CEIU’s ability to carry out the mandate of the NVP for Women.



In closing, I wish to thank you again for taking part in this preparatory consultation process. Your input is important and very much appreciated.