Office Moves

A number of offices are set to move over the next few years.  Here is what has been learned at recent meetings between the Local and management at each office (these meetings are called LUMCCs or LMCCs).

Citizenship – What we know so far is the Citizenship at St. Clair will be co-located with Citizenship from Scarborough at a yet to be determined new office.  No absolute deadline has been given for the moves.

Integration – Clarity on the move will come by the end of this fiscal year.  No final decision has been made but Public Works has been given permission to negotiate with the landlord at the IRCC Etobicoke office.  Again, note that a final decision on the move has not yet happened, please wait for clarification before making any life changing decisions.  The move is to happen sometime in 2017-18 with a absolute deadline to be out by March 2018.

R&I – No information yet.

IRB – Staff at 74 Victoria can expect to move into a renovated St. Clair office in the summer of 2021.  No move is currently expected for the Queensplate office.

Etobicoke – No move is currently expected.