Phoenix Pay Centre

Many members continue to be affected by the pay centre.  If you are affected the best way to try to sort out the mess is to:

  1. Phone the pay centre and get a case number and try to resolve your issue
  2. Make your manager aware of the issue you are having and see if they have any solutions.  Emergency pay can be issued in some situations.
  3. Contact your Local 613 representative in writing with:
    • Your story – what the issue is, what you’ve attempted so far to resolve it and (optional) how it is affecting your life
    • Your PRI
    • Permission for PSAC to bring up your specific case

You local rep will than pass your information up the union to the PSAC.

For the latest on what PSAC is doing on this issue, visit here.  Note that there is a letter writing campaign to the minister in charge of this debacle.  Please consider writing her and your MP.