What training can be made available

There is training available to members of this local through the Toronto CEIU office or the PSAC.  These are the subjects that can be covered:

1)      Local Administration – participants identify and learn about administrative tasks of the Local, get advice and guidance on completing these necessary tasks, and are given tools and resources to help carry out tasks.

2)      Grievance Handling – this course helps participants become effective grievance representatives and helps them develop problem solving skills.  Participants learn how to: gather facts, draft grievance wording and present a grievance to the employer.

3)      Facing Management – participants develop skills to resolve problems that members have without solely relying on the grievance procedure.

4)      Health and Safety – provides for a general overview of Health and Safety in the workplace, and responsibilities of the parties

5)      Human Rights – provides for a general overview of the grounds under which a complaint or a grievance be filed; the criteria or requirements that need to be met, and the roles and responsibilities of the union/representative throughout the process.

If you are interested in any of these subjects, let your local representative know and there can be a call out for interest.  If enough people can be found to justify a class, the course will be scheduled.