Election Results from the General Meeting

The General Meeting happened as planned on March 10, 2016.  Elections were held and this is the new executive for Local 613:

CEIU Local 613 Executive Officers:

Ian Lewis
Karma Burkhar

Jessie Reis-Huggins

Mark Ignatiev

Vice-Presidents, Point-of-Service:

IRB, 74 Victoria
Caroline Ojalammi

IRB, Heritage

CIC – Backlog Reduction Office, Toronto

CIC Etobicoke
Sarah Chung

CIC St. Clair, 2nd  and 3rd Floor
Donalda Sousa

CIC St. Clair, 7th Floor
Shannon Spink

CIC Scarborough
Lorenza St. Martin

As you can see, no one is currently representing the IRB Heritage and BRO-T in Etobicoke.  If you are from those offices and are interested or know someone who might be, place contact us.

Thank you to all those who ran and to those that have served in the positions previously.  Your voluntary service to the local is appreciated.