Summary of General Meeting

On June 27, 2017, CEIU Local 613 held a successful general meeting.  There was delicious food, fun prizes, elections, and finances. The elections results: Vice President: Shannon Spink Tresurer: Mark Ignatiev Scarborough POS: Lorenza St. Martin Integration POS: Wendy Tennant Downtown IRB (by appointment): Caroline Ojalammi Currently empty:  R&I*, Citizenship St. Clair, Rexdale IRB, BRO […]

IRB Members – next steps

After holding lunch time meetings at both the Queen’s Plate and Downtown IRB locations, an overwhelming majority of members that attended those events and those that made their opinion known via email support leaving 613 for a Local that represents all of the IRB members at those two locations. For those that did not attend […]

General Meeting – June 27

There will be a General Meeting held June 27, 2017 from 5:30 to 8:30.  Food will be served.  The address for the event will be: East York Community Centre – 1081 1/2 Pape Ave. There is parking for those driving. Date: June 27th from 5:30-8:30. Dinner will be served and there will be draws for prizes – please […]

NVP Election Results

The NVP elections that happened at all of your offices have had the votes tallied and winners announced (pending any appeals). NVPs for Ontario Region: Travis Lahnalampi and Nicole Ma NVP for Women’s Issues (Western Region): Lynda MacLellean NVP for IRB: Marco Angeli NVP for IRCC: Paul Croes NVP for Human Rights: Sebastian Rodrigues

Candidate for NVP Women’s Issues – Christine Walker

A message from Christine Walker, candidate for NVP Women’s Issues: To better respond to the concerns of all members, there is yet an unfulfilled role on all National Committees of the employer and the Union to promote policies and procedures relating to all women that work for various departments within our component. The recently adopted […]

Candidate for Ontario NVP – Nicole Ma

A message from Nicole Ma, candidate for Ontario NVP: I am seeking your endorsement and valuable vote to champion our shared values of accountability, integrity, commitment and advocacy in our members & leaders. As a union leader, I have a proven track record of successfully representing members in a wide variety of grievances and mediations. […]